Mcguire’s 13 best Antique shops in the bay area…


We Won again!

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“Along with armchairs, sofas, dressers and desks, you’ll find a wealth of vintage decor and accessories. No wonder this place is popular.”

CarOusel Consignment SF won!

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"Best Furniture Store"

Carousel's goods on the set of Madmen


A compellingly curated combination of artwork by some of San Francisco’s eye-catching countercultural artists — with noteworthy post-industrial tinge courtesy of the Burning Man diaspora — and intriguing flea market finds by diligent shoppers with an eye for the urban aesthetic, Carousel Consignment SF is an oasis of great pre-found finds.
— San Francisco Bay Guardian (SFBG)

The new gatekeepers of old Stuff

That swanky, old-timey style that Mission bars feverishly attempt to replicate: tin ceilings, fleur-de-lis paneling, and reclaimed-wood shelving.... Running a consignment shop in the heart of the Mission, co-owners Illy McMahan and Kelley Wehman give the neighborhood what it wants: apartment-size mid-century modern furniture and retro barware.
— Lauren Murrow, San Francisco Magazine

36 Vintage Shops to Visit in San Francisco...

These two well informed buyers and sellers believe ‘don’t buy new, buy better! Buy salvage, repurposed, upcycled, found, saved, and recreated… and always buy local.’
— Christine Giglio, Krrb Blog

Get thrifty at one of San Francisco's top consignment shops

Whether you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind item or looking to make some quick cash, consignment shops have a lot to offer. Here are 10 of the best consignment stores in San Francisco.
— Kaley Fowler, Sun Times Network


The window at Carousel Consignment SF caught my eye with collection of vintage pieces that reminded me of home. Enough said.
— Jackie Riffice, Prairie Godmothers

Vintage Shopping: San Francisco

We’ve pinned the best stores and sellers for vintage shopping in San Francisco.
— Krrb on Pinterest

Can we have cool new additions without gentrifying
the Mission?

The Mission Local blog last month ran a post that mentioned my friend Illy McMahan’s groovy new store on Mission near 20th Street: Carousel SF, a consignment store featuring the stylishly re-purposed furniture, golden flea market finds, and the works of local artists (many from the Burning Man world, where McMahan met her business partner Kelley Wehman among the indie circus freaks of the Red Nose District).
— Steven T. Jones, SFBG